Santa might not be the only thing sliding down your chimney this season

It’s no secret that summer is prime time for bugs invading your homes, but what about winter? As much as you might not want to believe it, you can have as many pests invading your home in the winter as you do in the summer. The top bugs to watch out for are:

  1. Winged carpenter ants
  2. Cluster fly
  3. Mice
  4. Rats
  5. Bed bugs
  6. Fruit fly
  7. Moth fly
  8. Spiders
  9. Overwintering insects
  10. Firewood pests

While the majority of those are well-known insects a few of them might be new to you. Cluster flies could be flies that sneak into the house along with guests, or through propped doors. These flies are not hazardous to your health because they do not lay eggs in human food. Overwintering insects could be used to describe many types of insects, but it is most frequently used to describe how certain bugs hibernate in the winter. Firewood pests is a term used to describe the pests that are carried in through firewood for a stove or fireplace. 

There are steps that home and business owners can take themselves to prevent these pests from joining their families during the holidays.  

Exterior prevention includes treating the foundation and the cracks and crevices of the home and the eaves as necessary. It is recommended to seal the entry points by the air conditioning entry where the utility lines come into the house. Rodent traps can be placed inside garage doors as well as by the air conditioning unit. All spider webs should be knocked down and any dead insects should be vacuumed up from the basement or anywhere else in the home or business. Caps can be placed on chimneys to prevent rodents or nuisance animals from entering the home. 

All of the above prevention methods can be done by home or business owners, or Epcon Lane offers all of these services! Call for an appointment today! 330.724.0007


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