Raccoons invading your home?

Now that it is getting cold out, many animals will be searching for a safe and warm place to settle.  Raccoons are often the critters that decide to crawl in your attic to try and stay out of the snowy outdoors.  

Although it is possible to remove raccoons by yourself, there are often many mistakes that people make when attempting this:

1. Wait for the raccoon to leave, then seal off the entrance.

        This is a bad idea because more often than not, there are babies are involved and all this ends up doing is sealing the babies in the attic.

2. Smoke it out of the chimney

        Once again, usually babies are involved.  While this method may get the adult out, the babies are too young and weak to crawl and this method will result in killing the babies. 

Epcon Lane is licensed in removing these types of animals from your home.  They have received their Ohio Department of Natural Resources License (ODNR) and can help homeowners and business owners to remove animals like raccoons, but also skunks, birds, pigeons, possums and more.

Relying on a business such as Epcon Lane will result in these animals being removed from your property properly, humanely, and safe for all parties. 

More information can be found on http://allstateanimalcontrol.com/animals/raccoons/, or call Epcon Lane for any questions or to schedule an appointment! 330.724.0007


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