stink bugs are taking over, and they’re not leaving

While there have always been stink bugs in Ohio, the newest breed called brown marmorated stink bugs are now taking over and are not planning on leaving anytime soon.  These shield-shaped insects make their way into homes by crawling through holes and cracks in the house.  Their favorite entryway is through windows that are not so tightly sealed.  Stink bugs do not bite or sting, but let off a fetid odor when killed.

They surface in June and mate and lay eggs through August, but begin turning in when the weather starts to get cold.  The bugs usually end up leaving Ohio, but it is starting to look like they are here to stay.

An article from News Net 5 stated,

“Those stink bugs will probably be a yearly occurrence from now on,” Ron Hammond, an entomologist with Ohio State University Extension in Wooster, told The Columbus Dispatch.

More from News Net 5 can be read here.

Besides being a nuisance in your home, these pests have also been spotted on soybean and corn.  In a study done at The Ohio State University by Andy Michel, Raman Bansal, and Ronald B. Hammond they found that,

“The brown stink bug occurs as a corn pest mainly in early summer during vegetative growth stages, where they will feed on young leaves, resulting in a series of identical holes across the leaf. “

For more information from the OSU study can be found here.

There are many simple steps that one can take to try and prevent these pesky bugs from entering the home.  These steps, provided by are as follows:

  1. stink bugseal off entry points
  2. replace and repair screens on windows and doors
  3. turn off the lights
  4. reduce moisture sites
  5. eliminate food sources
  6. ventilate basements, attics, garages and crawl spaces
  7. check your belongings before bringing them indoors
  8. properly landscape
  9. think before squishing
  10. use a vacuum for their removal

Do not forget that the infestation of stink bugs can be prevented!  The best time to pretreat is in the fall, so call Epcon Lane today at 330.724.0007 and receive your exterior treatment today before those pesky pests make their way into your home!


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