my new blog

The new blog that I will be starting called Epcon Lane Pest Control is a blog incorporated with a pest control company and it will be featuring different topics all related to seasonal pest problems.  The reason that I chose this specific blog is because Epcon Lane is my parents pest control company and since I write blogs for them anyways, I thought it would be beneficial to connect my assignments with their company.  The name of the blog is significant because it is the name of their company.  The template was chosen because the main colors of Epcon Lane’s website are green and blue so I thought that this specific template would work well with the color scheme of the already established website.

I have three different types of audience members I will be speaking to, depending on which type of service they need:

  • residential services
  • commercial services
  • real estate services

Topics will depend on what type of pest problem is relevant during the time of my posts, but my first topic will be about stink bugs since they are a major issue in northeast Ohio right now.

I hope this is helpful!


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